We are coming in to our last few days of receiving donations through the Coop Community Fund.  There is a lot of money out there available to BIC, but we need your help…

So far £700 has been raised for BIC and a huge thank you to all who have registered and allowed us to receive their 1% and carrier bag money.

How does it work?

Are you a Coop member?  If not you can sign up in store or here:


What is the Local Community Fund and how can I join?

As described by the COOP (https://www.coop.co.uk/membership/local-community-fund)

1% for your community.

Our way of giving back to local communities

As a member, every time you shop at Co-op, 1% of what you spend on selected own-brand products and services goes to the Co-op Local Community Fund.

Co-op members have helped raise over £18 million for local causes.

This money, together with money from carrier bag sales, supports projects close to where you live.

Select your cause

If you’re a member you can choose a local cause you want your 1% to go to.

Step 1: Sign into your membership account

Step 2: Choose Black Isle Cares to receive your 1% (the category is ‘social inclusion’ in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Every time you shop, 1% of sales on Coop brands will come to BIC.

Thank you!




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